Maintenance Notification - Rogers TPIA Custom (השבתה)
  • עדיפות - גבוהה
  • משפיע אחר - Rogers Cable Internet
  • Maintenance Notification Window


    Rogers TPIA Customers

    Vendor will perform work which will cause an outage to your services outlined below.

    Maintenance Ticket


    Start Date/Time:

    Friday February 01, 2019 12:00 AM EST

    End Date/Time:

    Friday February 08, 2019 11:50 PM EST


    Planned activities will happen at the street level and will include construction activities and service disruptions. We won't need access to homes but may require access to the municipal property around homes.


    Every effort will be taken to minimize this service interruption; however, there will be small convergence hits expected during this maintenance window. In addition these are the affected postal codes:
    K2B7K7, L1K0R6, L1K0R7, L1L0A1, L1L0B4, L1L0C1, L1R2K3, L1R2K4, L1R2K7, L1R2M2, L1R2M3,
    L1R2M4, L1R2N4, L1R2P7, L1R2P9, L1R2R1, L1R2R2, L1R2R4, L1R2R5, L1R2S5, L1R2S6, L1V3M3,
    L3Z1Z4, L3Z1Z5, L3Z1Z9, L3Z2E4, L3Z2E7, L3Z2X1, L4T0A3, L4X1T4, L5M7W3, L5M7W6, L5M7W7,
    L5M7X6, L5M7X7, L5M7X8, L6P2Y6, L6P2Y7, L6P2Y8, L6P3A8, L6P3A9, L6P3B1, L6W1Z9, L6W3X1,
    M1R5G9, M1T3P1, M1V1K3, M1V1M8, M1V1N1, M1V1N2, M1V1N3, M1V2Z4, M5V2P4, M6H2C9, M6H2E1,
    M6H2E6, M6H2E7, M6H3P3, M6H3P5, M6H3P6, M6H4C8, M6H4J9, N1R5Z6, N2E0G5, N2E3V8, N2E3W2,
    N2E3W5, N2E3W6, N2E3X2, N2E4C4, N2E4C5, N2E4C6, N2E4C7, N2E4C8, N2E4C9, N2E4E1, N2E4G1,
    N2E4G2, N2E4J7, N2E4J8, N2E4J9, N2E4K1, N2E4K2, N2E4K3, N2E4K8, N2P0E3, N2P1A1, N2P1A4,
    N2P1A6, N2P1B5, N2P1L1, N2P1L2, N2P1L5, N2P1M5, N2P1N5, N2P1T3, N2P1T7, N2P1W2, N2P1X5,
    N2P1X7, N2P1X9, N2P2A2, N2P2A6, N5C1B9, N5C1C1, N5C1C3, N5C1H3, N5C1H4, N5C1T1, N5C1T2,
    N5C1X8, N5C1Y5, N5C3N2, N5C3N4, N5C3N5, N5C3N7, N5C4C9, N5C4E1, N5C4E4, N5C4E5, N5C4G6,
    N5P0A8, N5P0B1, N5P0B3, N5P0C5, N5X3T5, N5X3T6, N6C3V6, N6C5R1, N6C5R2, N6C5R4, N6C5R5,

  • תאריך - 01/02/2019 00:00 - 08/02/2019 23:50
  • עודכן לאחרונה - 28/01/2019 12:56